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Governance is an extremely complex system of delivery mechanism for large chunks of population in variety of areas from social sector to supporting small / medium enterprises to making a magic of local self-governments; urban and rural. All this has to happen in conjunction with the policy, approval, regulatory, monitoring and the penal ecosystem. The smooth operation of this ecosystem itself needs a much higher of governance skills which more often than not is in a dilapidated state. Technology has added a critical tool with its ability to facilitate the process and be on it; active, dynamic, real time and transparent.

The mix or the lack of it, of expertise of governance, specialization and democratic elements at critical decision making process, can be taken as a clear indicator of its direction. In an iterative manner, it does wonders and a long-time window is the panacea, as long as keep moving in the right direction. The results of governance achievements have to be felt and cannot be read in advertisements or made known in political rallies. The battle of words or political strategy has no space in the real world of governance. It is an art and science simultaneously practiced for elevating human existence and that of nations too.

Whatever a sector, individual or an organization might do at its level, the magic sauce of governance can only pull it off to a totally different level and even sustain it. They create the ecosystem, fuel and control it. This is the criticality of governance. The much-touted ease of business and ease of living come out it. They have been explained in multifarious ways, but mostly without success. Hard coded data-based research can deliver the much needed data enabled analysis. Governance, emotions and political goals don’t gel at all. So, finally we come to ease of governance, which in a way comes in way of all that we have discussed so far. What is it? It is the comfort with which you can run the governance of this country and every element of it.

The ease of governance is not the smooth functioning of its nut and bolts, collaboration, governments at different working as one but unfortunately ease of governance is how easily anybody with little or no experience and expertise can run any department / ministry or even a few of them. How generalist bureaucrats can be comfortable at literally any professional location, whatever might be the complexity or the challenge. Ease of governance means you are not scared of work you have taken upon yourself or have been assigned while knowing very well that you don’t have the wherewithal do it. Ease of governance means being completely agnostic to any type of accountability; legal, official, financial or moral. Ease of governance means that even the most complex positions provide the comfort to do what you want, at your own sweet will, rules notwithstanding. Ease of governance also means whatever may be the lapse, you can confound it without even getting involved in it and make an easy escape.

Sanjay Sahay

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