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You can call it a messenger, new format for the digital world. Microblogging as it would be called in the professional parlance. The nature of the medium with the ultra-futuristic template for global communication, made it the darling of the social media the world over. If you are there you are nowhere. News starts from there; from the horse’s mouth and more of often than takes a full circle. Trump found Twitter the ideal for messages he needed to crossed even at the end of night, it may even verbal duals or spats. His favorite social media showed him the door for good after the Capitol Hill incident.

The way it spread like wildfire and people taking it on as never before, the microblogging company started making news as a tech success. An innovative entrepreneurship leading to the creation of successful company and then kept of holding high on the people’s imagination. Business became a given. To say it changed the way we express / write would be not be even a slightest bit of exaggeration. Twitter the original source of news and information in a large range of cases, has today become the news itself. Tweet was never used in common parlance as it now, and directly referring to the information posted exclusively on this platform.

The rules of Twitter have been in the news for both right and wrong reasons. Free speech was being propagated was one thought. We have found Twitter in the news at the time of Intermediary Rules being put it place. The coverage so to say was beyond proportion. Who would not like to become a torch bearer in a broadly democratic world? Having tasted tech and financial success of a kind unimaginable in human history, Elon Musk decided to take on the cause of free speech. The offer he made to buy Twitter left the company and world speechless.

Then fake accounts unaccountability story, the company not being to satisfy him and he going against his own offer, can very easily become a Hollywood tech business thriller. From sci-fi to tech business thriller might be the direction they take in future. The Twitter CEO was put on the coals much before he was fired. The duel no one would like to engaged in. A roller coaster for a variety of reasons, legality finally becoming a strict taskmaster. He finally agreed to buy and so he did. *”The bird was freed,” is the iconic tweet after Elon Musk acquired Twitter in a $44 billion deal. The story does not end here, CEO Parag Agarwal, Legal Head and others were fired, in the most unceremonious manner. He wants to change the world through free speech now, and charity has begun at home. The latest is the firing spree, one of its kind, which has hit the company, at his diktat.

Sanjay Sahay

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