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Responsive govt, less governance and ease of business we have talking about for quite sometime, newer methods of service delivery have also been tried. Some certainly have achieved some success. Every activity that is conducted in this world since its creation with the declared intention of improving our ease of life. Is there any index of ease of life? We have the Human Development Index but does that mean anything, if there is no marked improvement in the ease of life. Ease of life means the seamlessness of an ordinary citizen’s life to perform his routine tasks, with least harassment man made or systemic, elevating him from the drudgery of what is popularly known as the daily grind in this country.

The issue is when you put in a hard day’s work and the evening becomes harder. When what has been promised or due or is a fundamental or human right does not accrue to you. It can also happen that they are allowed to rot when money and resources have been earmarked for same the purpose for which which they are suffering. For example, what is legally ordained to him is quality education and quality medical facilities and not a semblance of it. The infrastructure at the end of the day gives us a feeling that it has been created with the purpose of people who work in it. Ease of life will only happen if somebody works to provide it , it cannot happen on its own.

The presence of ease of life in your existence would in no time start reflecting in what we call as the happiness index. Large part of the friction of your daily life would disappear, which would bring ease in families, communities and the nation. If we have not experienced it ever, it does mean it cannot happen. It has happened elsewhere in the world and there is no reason, why it cannot be replicated in India. Allowing people to rot deliberately, when their issues are known, forcing them to battle it out is antithetical to ease of life. Social media / multi-media campaigns by companies, NGOs and governments cannot make it happen.

If an approval, a service, a guaranteed utility becomes a battle, where will ease of life come from? The person at other end has never heard of ease of life, then how does he do anything to achieve the same. The issue is that at one place you are an obstacle to ease of life, at another place somebody else becomes an obstacle in your ease of life. The vicious cycle goes on. It has first to be appreciated as concept, ingrained and then used as a tool for elevating the ease of life of all. Giver of ease is a healer. What kills you is stress and tension, most of which can be easily be avoided. The large chunk, the avoidable ones, is our creation for vested interest or because of acute non-performance. If majority of activities and tasks are conducted in the manner they are designed, there would be a considerable improvement in the ease of life.


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