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”Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” The statement is self-explanatory and thus need not be elaborated upon. In the democratic system, the crown is on the head of the people who rule, however much they might call themselves as servants. Do we find their head heavy with the crown? Bogged down with responsibilities, working hard to deliver, making very little noise preferably none and holding oneself accountable. That is what democracy is all about, and it is not the monarch and crown story. This crown is much more demanding and so it be. Has the political class taken it that way?

No way, the work has to be begged out of them. Their public demeanour in no way reflects this feeling. Their work even lesser, barring one or two worthy exceptions. They seem to be on their own trip, doing whenever and whatever they want, whether in power or outside of it. The battle is on social or the electronic media or in the elections. This makes their head heavy. Serious work and responsibility does not even faintly come in their scheme of things. Whatever time is left is spent in political, official or social functions. They even don’t have the time to attend the legislature sessions. Time spend on debating on bills and the quality of it has its own story to tell.

The general feeling is that they have an easy-going life; perks, position, fun and politicking. The official class euphemistically called the bureaucracy. Year after year the shout from the tree tops of being committed to public service, that it provides immense opportunities to change the life of the common man. How much of his life has changed? But their perks have been rising through the rooftop while the two thirds of the country is managing with monthly ration. Every single perk financial and otherwise is exploited to the fullest. Do we ever find their head heavy with the crown? For them to life revolves around their own lives, colleagues and the ecosystem and fighting own personal and service battles. They also try to become celebrities like their more powerful political brethren.

View the student class, their capability to face hardship has literally dwindled. It seems the boards are duty bound to give marks. Coaching has taken over everything. The teachers, the academic institutions et al have all abdicated their responsibilities. Easy life and easy money too. No accountability. Research the less said the better. The ISBN and doctoral research story is an open secret, but the academic fraternity vouch for it. Slowly ecosystem of easy life has been created in every field. The exceptions can keep slogging. We can discuss business some other day. But the start-up revolution is once again about easy life, and big money enabled some miniscule success which is being ripped apart as unsustainable. The start-up founders and promoters life is enough to prove how difficult their entrepreneurial journey has been. They are in a different world.

Sanjay Sahay

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