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The world of tech has been known for audacious dreams, equally wonderful journey, a wandering execution, iterative and long it may be but at the end of the day, it will be delivered. It might be different from the dream but it would be transformational, way beyond a normal mortal can imagine and visualise. Our existence is a tribute to these dreamers, practitioners and executioners and today in no way we can fault them. Blockchain’s idea came in 20088 with the seminal article published by the pseudonymous Satosi Nakamoto. Nearly one and half decade down the line, it is gaining acceptability in small measure.

However good or revolutionary the technology, its time should come. We have all seen technologies related to virtual meetings, digital transactions and e-commerce making waves during the pandemic. That push could not have happened with any amount of effort by companies and governments. Meta or metaverse is another such idea, whichever way to look at it; Zuckerberg’s or the world’s. It has not come out of thin air, from gaming to 5G all have a role of play so is with blockchain to AR/VR. It seems that natural course of for the digital world. Recently Oculus founder was critical of Facebook’s metaverse and compared it to ‘project car’ as Mark Zuckerberg pursuing an expensive passion. Other don’t find value in it.

The world was wedded to Metaverse, then why this change. To put it on record, Elon Musk was pushing a much more audacious dream of an electric and the autonomous cars. Today it is a reality. Back to Metaverse. Luckey founded Oculus and sold it for $2 billion to Facebook in 2014. He wants Metaverse to be built but he is not fine with the Facebook’s product Horizon. Palmer is not a fan of what Zuckerberg has produced so far for the Metaverse, but he is of the opinion that it could eventually succeed. He told Wall Street Journal conference Tech Live that the Facebook’s that Horizon Worlds, is not a good product.

Ironically, Oculus was a part of $15 billion investment in what Zuckerberg now calls the metaverse, a world to be assessed through AR / VR devices. The tech giant has very little show for the massive spending spree but for the company name Meta, a very VR handsets, and early digital platform Horizon Worlds. Luckey was fired by Facebook in 2016. He remains a perpetual fan of AR and VR and wants Facebook should succeed in building it. All grandiose tech dreams have had a faltering start and this is no different. Zuckerberg is the number one virtual reality fan and will put the money in to do it. ’They are in the best position of anyone to win in the long run.’

Sanjay Sahay

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