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Being a practicing writer or a practitioner and writer seamlessly merging the two and trying to deliver much beyond the two, is a vision and a mission I am wedded to. There is a need for solid and unending purpose for anything to survive beyond a lifetime. What can irk such a professional the maximum? An eerie silence whenever any worthwhile issue is raised. While people acknowledge these issues day in and day out and in a variety of ways, they get into an eerie silence, if it is raised with seriousness and there is a call for action. Nothing can change, if such ideas proposing a proposition for change, are not heeded to, at least where there is a dire need. Change not happening in democracies has not meant stagnation, history testifies that it has literally meant the degradation of democracies.

The least worthwhile ideas deserve is a response of the powers that be. It deserves deliberations by the stakeholders. A serious thought as to how their mandated delivery has been impacted. How the mess which has jointly been created by them, is impacting the masses. What does the eerie silence mean? It means indifference. It conveys to the world that I am in my cozy corner. What difference does it make to me? It applies to individuals, institutions, organizations or might be a whole ailing system. Worst still it means that the aberrations, which are being talked about to be corrected, may look so, but in reality it has been created to take care of a few, as per their wishes and command, while legally and technically being part of the system.

Comprehend, think, consume and act is the inherent workflow of our mind and human existence. If you are trying to put any spokes in it, in the long run these are spokes in your very existence. Our neighbours are living examples of this narrative. Moving ahead of eerie silence approach, the same group and its shenanigans would get fully vocal in no time, when they afflicted by the glass house mindset. They take a well calculated mercenary call, and if they feel it can be handled by glass house tool, they go hammer and tongs behind it, till the time it is lost in the din. People who live in glass shouldn’t throw stones, or something of that nature, is what supposedly the truism is. If all glass house dwellers and there are many take this permanent ceasefire route, democracy will hit the glass house pretty shortly, when all can throw stones on it, declaring its nemesis.

Shooting the messenger, message, mode of message communicated and the content to the last syntax, is the whole and sole aim of the glass house mindset. Put a crawler through all our communications and expressions in the pubic domain and to your utmost surprise, you will find this as the running thread throughout. In all the talk shows and learned spokespersons / or anybody representing any organization is generally seeped in this mindset. They go as per approved script of whosoever they represent. If you really fall in the objective expertise category, you will be one of the fillers at times. The general tenor of government, governance and public life has moved in this direction and its perpetuation seems to be our destiny. This is the easiest alibi to evade the deliberate muck which you are in and make a living out of it. It also puts others on the defensive, where most would be come from that category. The stalemate goes on.

Sanjay Sahay

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