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The whole of the IT industry runs on effort calculation and on it is based man hours, man days, man months and the like. Out of this trajectory comes out the neatly calculated time and based on per unit cost, the cost of the project is calculated. The main stakeholder has no role to play and has to go by the calculation of seller, that is of the IT company. The rates change from company to company, in reality it has very little to do with the quality of the coders. The stakeholder owner does not understand the complexity of the work and the quality of the coders to be employed and the commensurate effort based compensation.

Behind this simple calculation runs the labyrinth IT machine. The project cost has to take care of the layers of manager over and above the Project Manager. What is the role of the corporate bureaucracy in streamlining and executing IT Project still remains an enigma. The unmeasured effort. They don’t take responsibility of the failure. Their actual contribution cannot be quantfied and more often than is minimal if not completely nil. A hefty sum is added to the Project cost which is very neatly billed in the name of the coders renumeration. The rest goes in intangible costs.

This costing formula is run at times on the strength of the coders who have actuallg been picked up after getting the work order, in desperation at the lowest price. Checking coding skills does happen on the fly based on some crude system of CV evaluation and literally no evaluation of coding skills. How many times has the new company tried to find out the performance from the earlier employer? How many times do they do a background professional verification from the customer? In a system where even the CV is written by somebody else, we rely on the potential employees as a God’s gift. Quality is kept unknown from the customer.

In a country where coding skills are so rare to find out, visionary IT companies find the jewel every single time. There is no scope for mistakes, no scope left for corrections in the Project. The company has mandated that coder shall deliver. What a great way to handle creativity, which coder needs to have in full measure. Added to that calculation does not account for the domain knowledge of the coder/development/project manager.


Sanjay Sahay

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