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Employment, work, timings and deliverables is what professional life is all about. It is a maddening exercise form pillar to post, everybody in haste and on the run. After every break and holidays one comes back supposedly refreshed to face another round of the same bout in the same boxing ring. It’s the same story broadly being repeated in organizations of all sorts. Its transient, operational and is target based. At the very best you achieve the target. Finding a work in your work, in your daily rigmarole adds a new dimension of professional life. It is finding both purpose and footprint in your daily work, in the task assigned.

All of us wanted to be employed and so we got employed. Adding relevance to work beyond it being a tool for salary, is the only way to find a meaning in the work, you do for decades together. It becomes a manual work of a different kind. When a white collar job gives you a feeling of a blue collar job is stagnation of life. It might be meaning anything in monetary terms. You end up the day every day fagged as if you have gone through 12 hour manual day.

Energy does not get created and the effort is at showcasing whatever little transpires either for the individual or for the company. Can we add something to the job very different while doing the same thing? It is possible. Can I add variants to it which has not been thought of? Can an individual’s vision, knowledge & expertise transform the team delivery to a different level? Can I elevate myself from the rut of being a cog in the wheel to a real asset.

All these things are possible, people have made it happen and they are making it happen, at all levels in different organizations. The tragedy is that they are few & far between. The game changer is your willingness to think differently. And slowly to act differently. Take human reactions differently. Add meaningful delivery with a purpose to everything you do. This is the cutting edge professional difference which would transform the work environment. Are you happy to go for work every morning? This will make YES as an answer.


Sanjay Sahay

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