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Being hacked is the new normal is the popular adage. Whether you will be hacked is not the question, when is the question. Still the indispensability of getting hacked in not the question, the issue is how prepared are we? How do we get prepared? How well have conventional systems fared? Is their any way of unravelling the right findings and use it as learnings to improve our Cyber security stance. With worsening of the situation the only way out is look at systems from the hackers point of view. It is for sure the most critical element.

Unfortunately, even the biggest the hacks today are just headlines and beyond lip service and false promises to improve nothing happens. Once it goes over, one is back to the anti-virus, firewalls, intrusion detection and intrusion protection systems as dished out by well reputed IT companies and not so famous companies and products. Though the requirements are of a totally different type, the IT security products are sold as if it a consumer product. The same advertising drama, installation, feedback, after sale support and the like! Do we know our requirements based on the recent hacking.scenario?

Research to live and survive is a must in today’s world. Business case study type research can throw up very valuable details and findings. For sure, such detailed study of world’s top hacks in last two years will be dileanate threadbare the intentions, motives, energy, funding and passion not to talk of technical issues – how it happened, the duration & the process. The final findings would be the summation of all that is worthwhile for the road ahead. The responses have to be worked out technically to match the requirements projected.

Together these case studies can throw up the wholistic picture of the Cyber Security’s prevalent scenario. With Machine Learning & AI with a large set of data, it is likely that we are also in a position to predict. Contextual intelligence can be factored in for getting better results. The fate of Cyber Security and our security cannot be based on symptomatic issues, a detailed investigation is must to react with confidence.


Sanjay Sahay

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