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Knowledge is at a premium in today’s world but the formal structures supporting the same have not evolved in most of the organizations / enterprises. We live on the same knowledge support system of yesteryears, meant for conventional enterprises & primarily slow changing systems. In a dynamic, real time world of both knowledge & practice, Informal Knowledge Groups of intellectuals, researchers and practitioners would be of immense value.

The fate of Kodak or Microsoft missing out on mobility or educational institutions going the wrong way, means that there have been knowledge gaps in the practitioners supposedly well thought out trajectory. There would have been paid consultants, market survey guys and maketing fellows, who have all failed. The missed out on a clear cut conspicuous technological, business and market change. Might be paid guys are not in position to see the fault lines because of their comfort levels and doing everything as dictated by a management process with foregone conclusions.

Some entrepreneurs who are successful can see the light at the end of the tunnel and they develop the capability to make it happen. But that does not help the established businesses to realign to the success story, which they desperately need. For this to happen, non business interest Informal Knowledge Groups have to become the order of day. Comprising of people with competence, expertise, experience and intuition and zeal to make positive change happen, basically giving back to society, would disseminate for othere to sustain, thrive and bloom. It’s target groups can be businesses, government agencies and NGOs.

Informal Knowledge Groups can specialise in activities, tasks, sectors & issues becoming an authority in that specialization. It will fill a great knowledge gap existing in businesses, economy & society. Together, on the collaborative mode they would develop immense traction to direct change.


Sanjay Sahay

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