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Paytm Karo can be an apt analogy of the way mass scale parenting is done, it is successful fees / other payments scenario starting from a preschool and going up to the highest levels of academics. In popular thought, money is the prime mover in garnering education. The lessons of the last generation where only hard work and talent delivered knowledge, skills and life competencies against all odds has long been forgotten. Odds were a part of the game, no cribbing about it, ought to be surmounted.

The people who have gone through the odds, the grind of competitive exams and cut throat professional life want to give their children a tension free and mostly carefree childhood in the anticipation the somehow, someday the transformation into a learned person and authentic professional persona would automatically happen. Paytm would do that act. The ones who can’t afford feel organising money for child’s education would sort out matters and the kid would get onto the learning spree. Not realising the real facts of today’s educational and professional life these parents are gullible but simultaneously believe in effortless parenting.

Schools and Colleges flaunting camouflaged credentials and supposedly imparting high quality education through the infrastructure and facilities are lapped by parents practising effortless parenting. They on their side they feel they have doing their best for their kid’s education. Quality of the course, curriculum, content, pedagogy, tracking continuous improvement, knowing of emerging jobs and providing a successful connect, are areas which parents is averse of. Reality and vision are given a go by.

That the kids are allowed to do whatever they want is the general refrain. Nobody to discuss, cross verify, authenticate and validate. Declaring ignorance is the flavour of the day. Effortless parenting gives complete freedom for 13/14/15 years olds, who have not been performing too. Its a tragedy or under performance in the waiting. The endless zeal of the child has to synthesise with worldly wise counsels and ceaseless effort of the parents.


Sanjay Sahay

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