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The most conspicuous trait of an entrepreneur is the ability to take the untrodden path, grapple with the evolving situation and finally find a solution. Most of the professionals have been pretty happy in not dealing with uncertainty and have tried to remain ensconced in their seats, while talking vociferously about out of the box / innovation. Creativity, innovation and out of the box are all about handling uncertainty or creating solutions and products, way beyond the thinking of even best in the field.

We live in the most uncertain times, the world has never seen since the fearful nature’s fury in the beginning of civilization. Uncertainty looms large as a direct corollary of the age of disruption, which seems to have set in, for sure. Kodak’s famed Kodak Moment had to bite dust to a product which has been it’s invention. Can industry survive if it does not have the capability to face uncertainty, react to it and in large number of cases, battle it out, till being successful. There is no way out. New companies will emerge on the horizon at a pace you cannot imagine, it might just decimate you.

Nobody will have the luxury of being in his/her comfort level for the whole life; an individual, professional or an enterprise. The professionals are feeling stunted and sometimes not even knowing what skills and competencies they need to build and how to go about it. Having lived a structured academic and professional life, they look forward to somebody spoon feeding them through classroom teaching, hand on – add on and certification to prove all that they have learned. The company cannot decide the skills, the changed environment will. This is uncertainty.

Though we have been talking about dynamic and the real time world emerging and learning on the fly in the most fanciful management jargons, it seems to have finally arrived. The world of business in on tenterhooks with disruptive technological onslaughts one after the other. The attitude, wherewithal and tools to handle uncertainty is a must in the long overhaul churning ahead.


Sanjay Sahay

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