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They have been always calling the shots, even if we leave the immense privileges that follows them, a few after they cease to be elected representatives too. There are times their misbehaviour with the government servants catches pubic view, notwithstanding their political rants which hits at the base of governance and at times even democracy. They can lose their temper wherever they want and also demand for subservience. They rule their democratic fiefdoms as if they won the territory in a Ashwamedha Yagna. If their number counts in forming a government in this country, should the people pay a price continuously. Even the former ones call the shots, as if they are still in power.

At all levels from the gram panchayats to the parliament, it is the same story. In a recent case a doctor handling a COVID-19 ward could not stand the ignominy meted out by an ex-corporator  and decided to resign. Being elected representatives how many of them treat every citizen  of their constituency equally. Supervising areas of work not in their competence and not legally mandated cannot be their main work. They cannot be allowed to be powerful bystanders as people who have voted for them keep losing lives in the most pitiable of circumstances. They would become larger than life once again as the war like situation eases. Let’s this COVID-19 Second Surge which is turning out to be a purge redefine Indian democracy vis a vis its elected representatives.

Questioning everybody and writing references letters cannot suffice. In the current situation they should be assigned tasks in their constituency and should be asked to remain there,  till time the situation eases. Politics is people’s work. The first task given the fact that people don’t know where to go,  is to allot a fixed number of patients to each of these (gram panchayat member to MPs) for  complete facilitation. Relatives are running helter-skelter without any support. They know the contacts in government and every other part of society to make it happen. They should be made to take this plunge. Secondly, they will maintain a database, which should be dynamic and real time to be used for  facilitation by the office / team created. They have been masters of electoral arithmetic, so they understand the utility of completely verifiable data.

Thirdly, they should have a team in every hospital. The number of political workers who live and die for them for decades can come in handy. They make the election /political juggernaut run; this would not be difficult. They would also arrange for transport where it is not handy. The other big issues are also well known. Fourthly, they should coordinate and should be held accountable for organizing oxygen in their constituency. Fifthly, tracking of drug availability and making it known to the patients / hospitals who are in need of it. Sixthly, coordinating decent burial and cremation. There has been news of racketeering there as well. Seventhly, common kitchens for the needy / hospitalized / patients / attendants. They have the experience of doing this during the time of rallies, party conventions etc. This humanitarian crisis provides elected representatives a lifetime chance to redeem themselves. Their endemic claim for people’s service and that of the nation can once be proven beyond doubt.


Sanjay Sahay

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