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They are the most powerful and influential section of our society. They come out through a process in which all of us participate. It means legal validation of the creation of this class; MLAs/MLCs and MPs et al. They are constitutional creations and embody the sovereignty of this nation. They are law makers of their states and the nation. In reality, their presence is felt in every aspect of our existence and they are also  the most visible faces of the vibrant and robust Indian democracy. They have an opinion on everything and they also make it known at the drop of a hat.

They are our voice in the parliament and the state legislatures. They are legally mandated to be on the legislature committees and act as guardians of public conscience. Since the time of Sri P V Narsimha Rao, they have been endowed with grants for the development of their constituency. Slowly it made entry to the states and MLAs also started having their own funds. MPs run their own constituency offices and the expenses are borne by the government. The perks they carry can make anybody envious. MPs  are provided with one of its kind residences in Lutyens Delhi. They are on large number of government committees in areas of executive operations and head variety of undertakings, agencies and commissions as their members or chairman.

The geographical area with people they  represents – a constituency – can be broadly termed as a democratic fiefdom. Nothing moves in that area without their  consent, more so if he belongs to the ruling party. He adorns every governmental function, legally mandated by governments. He has the discretion in even performing core duty – attending legislature sessions. A man of a total free will, he is on his own. He can question anybody as a people’s representative. What are his duties?  What are his deliverables? What is he duty bound to give back to the masses? What all can the electors legally demand of him?

When they go to the masses for getting re-elected, what work done statement is he supposed to show to the electors? MPs offices duty charter remains unknown to all. As he represents everyone in the constituency, what are his duties pertaining to, taking on board even his electoral political opponents  and their followers, for constituency development. What is their legally mandated role in the present humanitarian crisis, with all the power and influence they carry. In the current situation,  it has become a battle between patients, hospitals and the governments. Serious crisis generally finds them magically missing. Don’t you think it’s time for a matured democracy to have a clear cut legally mandated duties for our elected representatives, who are the flesh and blood manifestations of democracy for us.


Sanjay Sahay

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