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Might be for the first time in human history, a host of technologies have to work in tandem. Though all of them have a huge element of IT, big data, ML and AI needs to integrated, they are inherently radically different. There is no denying the fact that expertise is being created in each of these technologies at differential levels. The intertwined nature of technologies provide a huge challenge for small and medium enterprises and even the larger ones in lots of sectors which might not have the expertise or deep pockets to organise for it.

The whole spectrum of technologies from Big Data Analytics, ML/ AI, 3D Printing, Intelligent Agents, Drones, City CCTV Networks, Robots, Cloud, 5G, IPv6, C4i – Integrated Command & Control Center, GPS etc. The standard issues of softwares, hardwares, algorithms and integration would most likely be more aggravated or at least it might become costlier. In the changed scenario who will decide what would be the best permutation / combination of technologies one company should use. What is the cheapest bet for a start up?

Even if we put all the experts together, can we get the best solution. Who certifies the solution? In the now so simple world of software, hardware, networking and data center, ask any company / customer and he will be out with his litany of woes. With emerging technologies becoming the driver, what would be our fate? Or we simply take what is dished out to us by multinational companies, not knowing the needs, domain, market requirements and have no contextual intelligence.

As the present trend we are getting gobbled by these IT behemoths. Given the complex nature of markets, businesses and requirements and also to keep the costing in check, for data protection and privacy, there is a need for a separate genre of professionals, who are experts in the emerging technologies, understand it’s nitty / gritty, have the landscape knowledge, can suggest solutions and take it through in a sustainable manner. They would be the messiah in a world getting so deeply entrenched into these emerging technologies.


Sanjay Sahay

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