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Internet speed is the key to any iconic landmark in the cyber world, communication added immense power to computers and made it the most favoured gadget. Today we call it as the hyper connected world for literally anything we do in life; from an interpersonal interaction to the complexities of international trade and banking. While we are celebrating the onset of disruptive technologies, they will be able to play their true magic with 5G, next generation cellular technology and IPv6, which will have the capability to provide IP addresses to the last speck of sand.

The lead in one technology provides the first mover advantage to that company and also the country, that has been the history of IT transformation from the operating systems to integrated circuits to internet search to IT enabled retail to now the IT enabled social media. The country leading the bunch of emerging technologies will rule the world. The data / databases / use of ML / AI are pitching China as the front runner in the world AI race. Now with Shanghai claiming to have become the world’s first district using both 5G coverage and broadband gigabit network, China is vigorously manifesting its designs to be a IT superpower.

US is already up in arms against Huawei commercially pushing 5G into that country. It has been banned and is declared to be a cyber security risk. The antecedents of the company has for long been debated. Now US is pressurising its close nations to ban Huawei and other such Chinese firms from providing gear used to build 5G wireless network. China and Huawei are battling it out. These are the wars of tomorrow.

The speeds would be 10 to 100 times of 4G LTE networks. China Mobile, state run telecom carrier has officially started the service. First 5G call was made on world’s first Huawei Mate X, the world’s first 5G foldable AI phone. Shanghai would build 10,000 5G Base Stations by 2019 end and 30,000 by 2021 end immensely facilitating internet – connected cars, IoT, health care, smart city management etc. Shanghai is to be made a hub with 100 innovative companies exploring 5G-related application scenarios.


Sanjay Sahay

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