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The timelines and quality of deliverables has always been a challenge in the fast moving world of technology when more and more products and services get into the extended IT fold. All emerging technologies somehow fall in the basket of Industrial Revolution 4.0, promising a future of a seamless cyber physical world. For the seamless world to take shape there should be no gap between the competences and deliverables promised. This gap has been in existence for quite some time, now it is gaping right on our faces.

There is a gap between the competencies and the requirements, to confound the problem further, the requirements are perceived requirements based on the past experience. These requirements are not coming handy now. The requirement’s creators don’t have a clear idea as to what competencies are required for a deliverable or a set to deliverables. It is high time we work out the Human Resource competency requirements of particular groups of technical professionals in the fast changing technology scenario.

Based of the Human Resource available the competencies are scaled down, costing comes into play, in large number of companies more so in small and medium ones. How many of the start ups are able to get the competencies in the areas they propose to make a world of a difference. Otherwise, it would be a pipe dream for the consumption of the investors and also for the public at large. What is worse, is the meagre resources the companies are ready to spend for competencies / skill up-gradation of its resources.

The biggest competency today is to understand the nature of change in your area of work, which is difficult to evaluate. It’s time you need to have some understanding of the macro picture, even if you are working on the nitty gritty, at a much lower level. That is in the present nature of the technology world, which is not very difficult to master but needs to happen. The second is a research frame of find. Finding solutions individually and collectively is the need of the hour. These competencies have to synergise with core skills in emerging areas of Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc.


Sanjay Sahay

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