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The digital world has gained notoriety that nothing gets deleted, the permanence of data for a regular user can be killing, for so many reasons. Strangely enough, it is reported that some of the posts of CEO Mark Zuckerberg have vanished or technically ”mistakenly deleted.” The posts have been deleted few years back and is coming to public view now. Firstly, that this has happened to due to technical errors, if so, does it take so long to detect. Secondly, the company cannot manage the data of its CEO, what value can we attach to the grandstanding proclamations made by him, post every single digital fiasco of the company since Cambridge Analytica.

Effort is the sine qua non of cyber security. The the present status of the cyber security is precisely because of lack of effort being put in for this purpose. Having mirror imaging or replication of data is taught the world over, how can the data have only one copy. Cost cutting and casualness seems to have seeped in into the organisation. Cash registers ringing is the only fact the company is bothered about. With regards to the effort for recovering CEO’s vanished posts, the company said in a statement, ’the work required to restore them would have been extensive and not guaranteed to be successful so we didn’t do it.”

The transparency of the company is in question and also its capability to provide a secure storage and retrieval and vertical and horizontal scalability. In these posts are lost core moments of Facebook’s history, acquisition of Instagram and now that the integration of Instagram is leading towards the door for lots of Facebook veterans. Years 2007 and 2008 is completely lost. The full accounting of the posts lost are not known. The issue of lack of back up is not even being talked about.

”These disappearances, along with other changes Facebook has made to how it saves its archive of announcements and blog posts, make it harder to parse the social network’s historical record.” This is a new issue besides a host of others already plaguing it. Proclamations have to be walked through. Time for a drastic change.


Sanjay Sahay

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