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When machines are getting in the world of the unknown with unsupervised learning, neural networks and beyond, human mind has got completely intertwined into the instruction mode. Undeniably cognition has he for our forte, but what do we really do with it? Are human faculties between translated into mechanical faculties? Whatever might to you organisational set up, instruction is the most commonly used word in official parlance and in the professional ecosystem. From pre-nursery to our retirement we feed on instructions. Instructed minds can deliver, is  limited.

What is your homework is a general refrain in every house and if the kid is able to finish that, it is celebration time and generally time for dinner. The instructions have been complied with. Nobody is bothered about the quality of assimilation, the comparative utility, how will that knowledge be used, the connects and all that is required to make it knowledge made to stay with the child. By this logic all homework should add up into a great result but that to does not happen. Examination times the issues become different. Find a crash method of get good results. Instruction based it remains, the method of preparation is not the brainchild of the student.

Jobs have always remain fascinating. Having tested for great talent, skills and positive and proactive behaviour, as the employee gets on-boarded the instructional journey starts. You take instructions and attend to some work and report the work done or compliance. There are layers and layers of officers / middle and senior managers who sit it judgement in this instruction / action taken complex and still the work remains unattended as it was visualised. The larger the number of intermediaries, lesser is the efficacy of this mechanism.

The basic differences between a professional and an amateur is that first that he does not need any instructions and secondly he can declare the the successful completion of his work. He can stand up to any scrutiny. What is the real scenario of a professional? How much of effort, energy, money and time is wasted in the meaningless instructions and superfluous compliance. Professionally unprofessional seems to be our destiny.


Sanjay Sahay

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