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Society 5.0 is a concept wherein social challenges are to be resolved by incorporating innovations of the fourth industrial revolution. The technologies being IoT, Big Data, AI, robotics, sharing economy and the like. The concept of smart enters the societal arena and it is expected that Society 5.0 would be a super smart society. With the relevant infrastructure nearly already in place, it is expected that Japan would take a lead in the realising the dream of this smart society. In this society it is visualised that new values and services would be created simultaneously with the end result of making people’s lives more comfortable and sustainable.

A truly technology enabled facilitation of society is the promise of Society 5.0. The road to society 5.0 has been the through the route of Hunter-gather society, Agrarian Society, Industrial Society and the present Information Society. Society 5.0 would provide solutions for a better human life by the use of Big Data with the intelligence of AI. In this society people would be provided with only the products and services in the amounts and time needed.

The inherent advantages with Japan as it stands today is that it has a wealth of health and medical data from its universal health care and operating data out of manufacturing facilities. The raw data is aplenty; real and usable data. Japan also has a culture of ”monozukuri”, which is excellence in manufacturing and long years of basic research would be extremely helpful in the direction of creating products using Big Data and AI. The congenial ecosystem is already in place.

Taking the expected lead it would be able to find out solutions to decrease in productive age population, ageing of local communities and also host of other issues; energy and environmental. Healthcare, mobility, infrastructure and even fintech would impact society in an extremely positive manner. This would be a march towards a dream society. This would help realise vibrant economic activity by improving productivity. New markets will get created in the process. Japan as in so many other areas, can be the role model in the creation of Society 5.0.


Sanjay Sahay

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