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Centuries of civilisational growth, culture with moral values and ethics, a way of life depicted and amplified and the social acceptability a well known norm, civilised behaviour should have become a part of our DNA by now, not to fail us even in worst of the times. The real story is that if fails us even in best of times. If you go by the behaviour of vast majority of people you would get a feeling that civilised behaviour is being maintained per force, or they find a benefit in that. It gets unstuck at the fall of hat.

The gap between what we profess and what we practice and there is a huge gap for sure, somehow indicates the gap between the what we speak per force and finally practice what we feel. The catch is the lax atmosphere which allows for this duality to sustain. This reality also comes in way of bridging the gap between the behaviour practiced by force and what one actually is. This is the reason of the ”aghast feeling” we tend to experience on near daily basis on lots of nefarious activities and behavioural patterns of individuals, who were perceived to to totally different, very civilised.

The best proponents of secular behaviour are found to be getting into communal acts and the professed diehard anti-corruption stance proponents end up in corruption scandals, notwithstanding numerous aberrations of undocumented uncivilised behaviour on a regular basis. What is not caught and more often not proven, for them remains in the realm of grey area. Unfortunately, the social milieu works totally differently and all these add up to vitiating social milieu irreparably.

Civilised heart and mind can only be the genesis of civilised behaviour. Having these two well groomed faculties needs long duration of time and conviction in creating an unison of heart, mind and the actual behaviour. All civilised to the core. True civilised behaviour in practice by the large majority can happen only in this manner. As long as operational norms of benefit and gains are outside this matrix, an inherent duality comes into existence and as a result civilised behaviour persists only by force. It’s not the force we generally understand, its the social pressure of maintaining that behaviour.


Sanjay Sahay

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