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e-Gov is maturing & citizen services at his fingertips has started to make a marked difference to everyone’s lives. It would become omnipresent in the days to come as we move towards a Digital Society. Estonia is a living example worth replicating, graduating from a purely non-digital society to a full wired society in two decades time. It’s named as ”the most advanced digital society in the world,” by Wired. Indigenous in growth, ingenious Estonians are pathfinders, who have built an efficient & transparent ecosystem, that saves time and money.

e-Gov. initiated a decade is at differential levels. Being one of the pioneers in the country, with Bhoomi, Bangalore One, Karnataka One, Sakala, its time to graduate to the the next level from single transactional services to an all comprehensive approach & delivery. Creating a seamless backend integration would lead to single sign for all services. An ERP solution can put all the departments on an uniform system, facilitating data aggregation & exchange. Legacy systems can be slowly integrated to the ERP. Centralised architecture can make functioning seamless, connecting internal data flow to citizens needs based on internal protocols.

It is imperative to use the emerging technologies which are revolutionising the world. Data finally becomes dynamic and real time. Big data is available un-utilised in databases. Big Data Analytics can do wonders for eProc, Sakala data. Big Data Analytics the world over has helped in decision making, operations & maintenance & even in monetisation of data. Some open source algorithms can be used to start with. Further, it would be an easy passage to Artificial Intelligence applications.

Vision leading to a Blueprint for next 10 years would help. The gap analysis will show the way. In today’s age data protection would be critical, cyber security has be take care of, in the age of Privacy.


Sanjay Sahay

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