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Influencers have been of monumental value for ushering change happen in a quest to transform the world to the next higher level. As technology becomes the mainstay of our existence, influencers have a huge role to play in the adoption of appropriate technologies and only that can ensure the right trajectory of of an individual, enterprise, society and the nation. Technology misses have been suicidal to companies and nations both. AI is an enigma today and it is moving in the direction of a black box. There is huge amount of ethics which has to be factored in the journey of AI to gain control the world.

There are some path breaking AI practitioners and influencers who will define the fate of the world. There is a headline proclaiming 8 AI influencers who should be followed on Twitter to stay on the top of the game. These are the people who are AI’s power players who are also the thought leaders in the area of machine learning, computer vision, robotics and have a massive following. They have emerged as industry experts who have been product innovators. And also researchers who are able to bring latest insights and they are also able to project the major AI trends.

Karpathy heads this pack. He is the Director of AI at Tesla, has worked as Research Scientist at Open AI and his courses are extremely popular, he is the most post followed of the AI pioneers. Demis Hassabis founder of DeepMind has already become iconic with AlphaGo and AlphaZero. ” His work on the neurological connection between imagination and episodic memory was cited as one of the “Top 10 Scientific Breakthrough’s of the Year.” The other great influencers in the AI field who can help you understand the technology in the days to come and facilitate you pick up basic concepts to use it as per your requirements.

India has always lost every new wave of technology adoption. The awareness comes with a huge lag and by the time the awareness happens the opportunity is lost out. Technology evangelists are not very relevant. The practitioners influencers can be the real guiding force. But do we have any?


Sanjay Sahay

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