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From Lehman Brothers to Rupert Murdock’s News of the World to Cambridge Analytica and Facebook gives us a convincing feeling that all is not well with the corporate world. The analogy of Cyber Security would be worthwhile at this point; 97% of the Fortune 500 companies have been hacked, the other 3% don’t know that they have been hacked. Companies by and large have lost their conscience, it’s just that it is not known to us. There is costly PR machine to keep them afloat and create a brand out of perceptions. Good, bad and ugly nobody knows. Maggi is a case in point. Even three decades are not enough to know a product.

Facebook beats this level of conscience also hollow. The more than 250 pages of documents, which a British Parliamentary Committee obtained from Facebook proves all the claims made but Facebook and Zuckerberg as false. The private information has been up for sale since they realised they can make money out of it. We can safely presume that they made the best out of it, till the wildest methods by which data can be monetised. The world has been living in fools paradise since the onset of the modern age, this fooling formula is now being further perfected by the giant IT companies, who between themselves rule the world. They have been negating the very concept of nation states and national laws on which we exist.

“The cutthroat tactics deployed by Facebook in its early years as a public company and detailed in the newly released documents, caught up with the social media giant this year.” Company was totally cavalier with personal data and general feeling today amongst lawmakers and public alike around is that a Facebook footprint is a risk to consumers alike. The outrageous facts in this case are Zuckerberg’s audacity at lying and the government’s across the globe not gathering the will to put the company under serious audit. The world’s personal data is at risk.

Special access was provided to users data to the advertisers contrary to all claims made by the company so far is one part of the story. The part which fits into the jigsaw puzzle is that Facebook finds it logical and official the action taken by Sheryl Sanberg asking ” her staff to look into Soros’ financial transactions after he called companies like Facebook and Google a “menace.” Mafia type operations.


Sanjay Sahay

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