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Most of the world keeps debating what emerging and disruptive technologies are, what the impact would be, what is the level of research & development, how long would be take to become a product and when would it reach the mass level. And the final thought is that it would never affect him, so as continue to live in a cool cosy corner for all times to come. While a few, who know the depth of the technology, have the vision to understand its future keep working incessantly to make it happen.

One such example is the recent drone attack executed by the US. Leave aside the political / military part of it, the development of technology, the perfection achieved through relentless R&D and creation of a potential for a real life use is something very commendable. While the cyber attack on infrastructure started long time back in Estonia in 2007 to ransomware attacks in Baltimore and New Orleans recently, the drone attack killing of General Soliemani, certainly will go down in history as a game changer in the use of drones.

Weaponisation of drones is bound to change the nature and cost of warfare and also the levels of technology/skills required for the same. Numerous other cutting edge technologies and big time analytics keep working in the background to make these miracles happens. Technology wizardry of the highest type. The Aramco drone attack pales into shadow and Venezuelan ones in 2017 a crude attempt. Such incidents provide huge impetus in the development of technology. This is something like AlphaGo defeating Lee Sedol in the history of Artificial Intelligence.

The moral of the story is that only emerging / disruptive technologies will prevail. The earlier we get into that race, the better it would be for the nation. It applies to all aspects our existence; for peace, growth and war. As one technology is build on the other, emerging afresh becomes difficult. China today has 16-17 Unicorns only in Artificial Intelligence. Investing in technology is investing in yourself.


Sanjay Sahay

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