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The mushrooming of professional colleges all across and the technologists and management experts which these institutes were to churn out  to revolutionize the quality of technical manpower in the country and thus usher in immense positive change in use of technology and the impact thereof.  But, unfortunately, there is a raging debate today across the country regarding their employability. Undeniably, something has gone amiss in a big way.

There are no concrete figures to prove the contention that more than 80% of our professional institutes are producing professionals that cannot be employed.  The Infosys training center at Mysore has become is more of a finishing school to make the make the engineers hired by the company workable that also in a very limited way.  The same would be the fate of lots of other organizations of the same genre.  Might be the purpose for which these institutes have been created itself is different.

 Management education faces the same fate.  In lots of Business Schools it seems the job of the institute is also get the students employed, for the fees and mostly exorbitant,  that they charge.  The placements that follow are generally substandard and are not commensurate with the qualifications they possess, might its in tune with their actual worth. Lots of the products do not get such jobs also and end up doing all sorts of odd jobs adding disrespect to the degrees they hold.  The autonomy provided to the institutions have been misused in a big way.

 It’s time to change and immediately.  It’s having an immense impact our economy which may face a termite ridden situation, if not already so. The value add has not taken place.  Our standards also get questioned and a great life is not allowed to bloom.  The country loses out on high end research and quality product creation, which could have revolutionized us and the world.  Hope this is transitory phase.  The best is yet to come.


    Sanjay Sahay

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