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 The capability to do dissimilar work, yielding immense value or value add in your present task / work / activity which is innovative is multitasking.  While you do your prescribed structured work, simultaneously switching over to a passion area equally or more relevant, equally or more focused and with precision, is the true matrix of multitasking.  At the end of the day the lowest common denominator is the value and not communication.

The present understanding of multitasking is more of misconception.  Handing social media at work or managing personal communication which undervalues official work can barely be called multitasking.  Handling more than one activity simultaneously is treated as multitasking, which might be extremely necessary, given the complex nature of work requirements facilitated by technology at hand cannot be termed as multitasking.  It ought to be taken to the next higher level where the tasks itself are dissimilar, different environments, different goals & purpose and totally different impacts, from our daily nature of work.

In the changing times multifaceted personalities are slowly becoming the order of the day.  A real life analogy can be the smartphone which brings in totally dissimilar activities of yesterday’s into one gadget.  The human machine can certainly replicate that.  Communication & dissemination, business, knowledge and entertainment all emanate and converge into the same machine.

 While we complain what society does not offer, we rarely give a thought as to what we have to offer to society.  Multitasking needs to have a societal element.  CSR is not only a corporate act, every individual ought to realize his responsibility, we owe it to the society.  In the knowledge based world our professional expertise should also be used in the public domain besides the organization we work for.  Multifaceted full groomed personalities of the 21st century need multitasking as tool to surge ahead.


    Sanjay Sahay



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