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 The contours of your future is always decided by others, certainly well meaning individuals closely connected to your life, having a stake in your  growth, well being and success.  Nonetheless, life is your own story & it’s your bounden duty to envision your  future & to keep on course to achieve it and the plan the same cycle for future achievements & success.

Future decided by others can be  gruelling for you & if by chance, you are able to achieve it, you don’t know what to do with it.  People can at best tell you what to become but nobody is competent enough to guide you for, what to do with it & how things should unfold henceforth.

 Simple formula of envisioning your future is to decide where you should be ten years down the line.  The planning to the how to reach there is the key to success.  The HOW needs planning, understanding your strengths, the pitfalls, the enabling ecosystem, the resources to the garner & the like.  Once you decide to work out your dream, slowly the world around you will start falling in place. You start getting help from people, whom you thought to be your biggest detractors.  The world will connive to help you, as lots will gain out of your success.

Spend some part of the day, everyday to evaluate as to where you have reached & whether the journey is taking course, as planned.  As for all projects, so is for life, corrections and course corrections will be a part of the journey.  The capability to master that is the crux of living a successful life and biggest competency a human being can have.

 Achieving at the end of the journey is exhilarating, to say the least. Having reached your destination in his fashion, you will also fathom out what to with your success for maximum impact.  The next is to mentor this skill to others. That is how mankind moves ahead.


 Sanjay Sahay

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