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Mapping as in general parlance is the process of creating maps, may it be Survey of India & more recently MapmyIndia & Google Maps, has completely revolutionised the way we look at maps & utilities that can be derived.  Mapping of resources mostly intangible & what it can really deliver is both an art and science which is rarely practiced as a management tool either in our business entities & other organisations.  Business excellence and productivity, so to say, starts and ends with tangibles, may it be resources or targets & the connect thereof.  The HR factored in, treated as a regular mechanical tangible resource.

 How many of our organisations can claim that the resources are being used to its optimum & in a cumulative manner has reached its desired equilibrium.  If the answer is a resounding NO, it’s time to initiate the process of resource mapping & take the story further to improve efficiency / productivity. The present method of man days costing might not be the best way to proceed in variety of enterprises.

All resources at the same level deliver the same results as thumb rule is incorrect.  All tangible resources deliver the same output is unacceptable.  Google has shown the way as to what wonders proper selection of human resources, their creative mapping & utilisation can do to the organisation. There are companies who have perfected the art & are reaping the bountiful harvest. It takes time to perfect, nonetheless it’s worth, more than the effort.

 The resources managing this effort have to be true professionals at the intersection of HRD & the domain.  The mad rush of creating resources cannot take us to the desired goal remains proven.  In the modern world of disruptive innovation & exponential change, resource mapping and it’s utilisation can prove to be the ultimate tool.  One size doesn’t fit all.  Resource mapping as a concept, tool & practice has to happen now.


 Sanjay Sahay


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