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Erratic response has become the common denominator of our existence. Nobody has any idea as to what would be the response of the parties legally mandated to respond and also the ones who play a complimentary and supplementary role in the same ecosystem. You will also find gaps in the stated official policy of variety of organisations and agencies; public and private and what they actually do. When consistency fails the system in all its aspects, do aspirations have any value, what big dreams can fetch you? Even if you get the desired response to start with, how long will it last, no one knows. The commitment and the process behind remains unknown, uncertainty that too on an untrodden path is what we have brought life to.

Erratic response emanates out of no ownership of the work you do, and a level of irresponsibility which can safely be called criminal. When they respond and manner they do, wrong or right, it gives a feeling that they are the epitome of sincerity and that even giving up their life for that cause wouldn’t be anything great. Next day the response might just disappear. This is precisely the reason that every calculation is made on what they can derive out of the decision, actions and its operations. It’s should be not difficult as well. And most importantly it should not ruffle even a single feather of the birds of feather who have come together, for purposes best known to them.

It does not make a difference where they come from; governments, industry and industry bodies, education and research, NGOs and above all the self styled guardian of us all – the media. Each add a critical uncertainty to the already pandemic ridden erratic response, whenever and wherever they collaborate. What a new operational formula of collaboration? We live for today fully convinced of the fact that there will be no tomorrow. But there will be a tomorrow as we have all experienced and we look stark naked then, ready with one more erratic response. It is the perverted version of Steve Jobs, who lived everyday of his life as if it was the last and delivered the best he could every single day for 33 years, since the day he picked up this idea.

India thus lives in a diversion called life. There is nothing called logical conclusion in this country. Unfortunately, we cannot add any iota of predictability even to the illogical route which any issue or problem or even research would take and who would extract what mileage out of it. A rigmarole Indian mind has got accustomed to this fact and this has become an integral part of his thought process. Anyone else, more so from the developed countries would find it insane. Erratic response ecosystems can never provide you either ease of life or business. It would always remain even beyond a mirage. There is never a closure to anything.


Sanjay Sahay

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