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Social media has become all pervasive is to state the obvious. It has also taken over all forms of mass media by leaps and bounds is also a reality and is moving to wipe wide any media at a breath taking pace. What would be final media landscape which would emerge out of this churning remains unknown. We hope the redundant and useless will finally get wiped out and some sense of sanity would emerge on this medium in the interest of community, governance, celebrities, maintaining sanctity of institutions, systems and mechanisms. Why doesn’t the Govt, enterprises, academic and other organisations come up with a social media code of conduct and see the change for themselves.

The adage is if you can’t face the world, Facebook. Given the all pervasive nature of the Facebook family with WhatsApp and Instagram in its fold, the social media birds have decided to put the adage upside down. Only those who live on Facebook, face the world. Facebook is an all comprehensive world which encompasses the whole Facebook family and by extrapolation the whole social media world as well. People from all walks of life have descended on to this medium as if there was no world before it and for sure there would be no world after it. Only the social media birds would board the Noah’s Ark this time to a destination where there would be only social media.

Social Media Birds are a breed who can express only on the Social Media. For others it is an extension of their real life.Their creativity and innovation knows no bounds once they are on the social media. They are fish out of water on any other medium. Social media has created personalities / experts in areas quite distinct from their profession or in fields of study they have never ever undertaken in life. Even more interesting is the fact in this fast moving dynamic world, they keep changing the area of expertise depending on the daily demand of the social media. Nobody would ever invite them evem in thier wildest dreams to talk on any of these topics or write about it.

Massaging their own ego is the favourite pastime of Indians. You have to keep proving that you are worth something and the seesaw keeps going on. It is less of a fun and more of battle. These Birds don’t mind any language and cannot be shamed. For them it is the standard ladder of fame. Some of these famous birds moving from the social media to the real world have turned out to be outright disasters. What they write, only they understand its relevance. The democratisation of media has many positive points but some areas it has messed up, people’s aspirations in a crazy manner.


Sanjay Sahay

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