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Legislations may come and go, the plight of the Indians will broadly remain unchanged. Where we have seen a marked difference it is because of the foresight and expertise of one visionary and hard work and tenacity of those who have made it happen. It might be a small team, a group of big professionals, a community or class in itself. The class may have internal issues which is prevalent everywhere. This is the story of MS Swaminathan and Green Revolution which finally transformed India into a food surplus nation. There are couple of other exceptions but rest of the growth trajectory has broadly remained the same. Insipid one.

Law in itself cannot transform anything. Otherwise, India would have been the leader of the pack even amongst developed countries. The implementation strategy has always been faulty in this country. The purity of purpose should finally prevail but more often than not the vested interests take over. Who guarantees the results? No one. Laws and the beneficiaries are all left to their own plight. Having gone through this experience, everyone wants to latch on to whatever one has. Managing uncertainty and creating a new profitable elevating system by sheer hard work would be a rarity worth celebrating, when we find one. This element becoming all pervasive is very unlikely. The first element of everybody sharing the same information is itself unlikely to happen.

Given this backdrop we have the ensemble of farmers at all Delhi entry points. Without getting into the correctness, usefulness or or otherwise of the Acts in question, the way it is unfolding is one of its kind. It’s the best of democratic protests seen in living memory. In a country where even carrying a flag in a stage managed protest and attending public meeting is for a price, this stands out in stark contrast. It’s going on for weeks together at the present sites and before that in Punjab. Crowds getting out of control is a normal aberration and all leaders hide under this cover. Most of the major law and order incidents in last so many years fall in this category.

The discipline is amazing. The human grit is at its best; age, gender and may be health conditions are no bar. Chilling Delhi winters on tractor trailers is the best of living for them. COVID-19 we have already discounted. Normally with bit of a harsh sun, the best of the crowds dwindle in this country. Politicians being forced to play a second fiddle is equally fascinating. With food arrangements, medicines and even library provided, it has elements which can be taught in any business school. Outstanding organisational skills in operation. We can only marvel at them. The quotation, estimate and tender ridden people cannot even imagine of it. The tenacity, perseverance, ready to bear anything with a single minded focus can make each of them an entrepreneurial love story.


Sanjay Sahay

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