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Every stakeholder and even large number of citizens in this country are aware of the quality and precision of our CCTV networks all across the country. The nature of crime has become more complex with every passing day, the support of the third eye or the force multiplier; public CCTV networks should have provided has not happened. This is not withstanding the huge amount of money invested in these networks. Some odd success stories are used to prove their worth. If today you were to ask as to which Video Management Software has been used in any CCTV project, nobody would be aware of it. If you get into the features of it you are on a voyage of the types of Christopher Columbus.

The video management software is yet another item in the Bill of Materials and there is a costing attached to it, is the understanding we live with. At the end of day what is critical both to the owner and the combo of vendors headed by a System Integrator is that you should be able to see cameras all around the place, the bigger and more complex looking the better. On the other end of the CCTV Project is the video command center or the control room where screens would keep showing camera feeds of the functional cameras. The visual appeal of that Center should be killing. Some Pan Tilt Zoom displays would be made on demand when VIPs com, to announce the beginning of the video surveillance era.

The PTZ, fish eye, facial recognition enabled, ANPR and of late thermal cameras have caught our imagination endlessly with the thought that the technical edge of the camera and the feature flaunted is video surveillance. The next stage of the current stagnant systems is the intelligent video management software / system. This is the ability with could makes sense of millions of fleeting images, be able to discern patterns and provide us the precise understanding of their relevance. The real product churned out is video actionable intelligence for man or the machine. This is Intelligent Video Management Software / System and the marked leader here is an Atmanirbhar product Videonetics.

The product in its third version is result of a decade long R&D effort in the domains of video computing, computer vision, advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. It crosses over ‘capture & display generation. Intelligent VMS 3.0 ”analyses the attributes of severs, storage, network communication, and other associated devices with its AI algorithm in real time, and intelligently uses the capability of those to offer a fault-tolerant, fail-safe, responsive, and rugged system for video management” Users’ data privacy, security and data integrity is also taken care of. The software is operating system agnostic. Modular in design, it follows open standards. Number of devices and applications can be integrated to provide a unified interface for all surveillance needs.


Sanjay Sahay

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