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 With all the grandstanding in place, talking of passion, problems, issues & challenges; the only option one takes is of being evasive.  Think about situations around you when you have found your colleagues, seniors or juniors, family members, elders & leaders handling the issues head on. The instances would be few & far between. The worst is that leave aside action, even in discussions & brainstorming the  opinions are supposedly standard & practical, which is an euphemism for evasive.

We have organisations which is layered & layered in the chain of command & further lateral staff function add on. Who takes a call is a matter of  SOP but in reality does he have the capability to take a call.  If the discussion is not forthright, opinions are not open & frank, the decisions & results can only be disastrous which we are finding institution after institution & sector after sector.  Being seen as politically right is an obsession with this country, across board.

Not hurting anybody is the charisma which we intend to flaunt whilst in reality first it is a mirage & secondly, it is non – functional.  With all the fanciful but uncreative vision & mission statements & lots of other pronouncements to the contrary, professional life’s stress is on the increase.  Being evasive is epitomised when the organisation starts practicing falsehood. How many of our audit reports are truthful. The true colour of the organisation comes to fore, when they have to serve the  pink slip. It is done in most dubious of the ways.  Laptop back & email snapped.  Evasive you are, personified.

Things are not better at the personal front.  Most of the issues are made to snowball waiting to engulfed.  Getting out of one, we get into another.  Child’s education is the best example.  Evasive always. The results are a bolt from the blue. Old habits die hard.  This has slowly become the nation’s DNA.  If we can’t talk straight, understand the problems straight, where will the blueprint come from.  Being evasive is termite, making resources & energy useless.


 Sanjay Sahay

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