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 To unravel is to untangle, disentangle, straighten out, separate out or investigate and solve or explain.  The pace at which we accept readymade stuff without application of mind is a 21st century wonder, when all tools to conduct this exercise is generally available.  It’s just that we have not trained ourselves into this  & keep landing into problems because of not conducting this exercise,  finally to blame somebody else for our own folly.

This is an art which  every well informed person is supposed to perfect,  before taking on the challenges of professional & personal life. We live in a  world of misconceptions & false truths,  propagated with a vested interest to benefit somebody. Over a period of time, it becomes the currency of the day.  So many times, it needs either researchers or real well meaning guys to show the truth.  All us aware of Volkswagen case. Fallacies we love to be with, if it makes life easy.

 The social media takes full advantage of lack of this behavioural trait of ours, to spread falsehood of a kind unimaginable.  The forwards industry is a perfect example of our lack of capability to unravel or an attitude to do the same. Only when you start doing and find it to be beneficial, which is always the case, one gets into it.  It’s take time, energy & inclination of mind.  What a pleasure it is to share an insight or to be of use to somebody based on unraveled facts.  All experts and people with wisdom are expert practitioners of this art.

Start doing it, you will get more & more fascinated by it.  The urge has taken us to the frontiers of Big Data analytics & for that matter Artificial Intelligence.  Otherwise, the same data was not able to deliver anything. One fact unraveled in professional public speaking is that the  20 mins attention span does not hold good.  The attention span is directly proportional to the capability to keep the audience mesmerised.  Content & communication expertise is the killer.  Develop this trait and keep unraveling facts after facts, over & over again.


    Sanjay Sahay

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