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Experts may not, expertise always does. In the make believe world created today, one is forced to make a distinction. Get into any area and you find the area overburdened with experts. The quantum of their output individually or collectively does not add up to their self created stature. Exceptional quality, the touchstone of every single expert is conspicuously missing.

While expertise is a unique synthesis of knowledge and skill with the capability to deliver, there has been an ongoing trend to make some degrees, certification, awards etc to give the person that aura. The present day experts generally fall in that category. In the academic arena a doctoral or a post-doctoral degree takes you to that level. Cyber security also thrives on such certifications & degrees, while hackers are having a field day. An expert is not a run of the mill person, degree or no degree, people mill over him for that special talent.

The special talent is the expertise. Expertise is all about finding solutions, able to find new dimensions to existing stuff, have the knowledge, skill & persistence to tide over any crisis in that area, be the final world. Expertise is beyond knowledge & training, its that knack to to unique in that area, it’s master becomes a deliverable himself. It’s like Sreedharan to Delhi Metro. The project roadmap and execution is what expertise is made of. Expertise provides the perseverance to make things happen. It’s provides the courage and the conviction.

It’s the passion on your end that helps gain expertise. Their is no end of learning for him. The more he learns; he feels the lesser he knows. It’s like Sergei Bubka breaking world record in pole vault 35 times. Noam Chomsky would be a great example of what expertise is. Expertise does not happen on its own; people don’t even want to trudge on those lines. People who dare to do with perseverance are the ones who achieve. Expertise, by the very nature of arsenal at its command, is always bound to deliver.


Sanjay Sahay

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