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It’s long been believed that exposure is the key to success. The more you get exposed to the modern educational system, modern grooming, modern technology, the greater are the chances for you to pick up the right traits, knowledge & competences to succeed in present day fast paced life. In a similar vein foreign exposure, is also supposed to do wonders. The direct correlation between exposure & success is not visible in present day India.

The exposure to the best educational practices which most schools boast of & facilities, has not created a distinctly different student population, either academically or by way of learning life skills or human values. Mostly they are less conversant. This nature of exposure is creating a different type of comfort level & a sense of entitlement gets into the students mindset, when it’s time to get accustomed to discomfort & develop courage to take challenges.

The exposure of the higher academic fraternity to the best in the country & globally, is a fact. If it had an impact on their academic delivery, remains broadly unknown. More often than not it becomes an alibi for both entitlement & non-delivery. The exposure in tangible terms of degrees &certifications, is flaunted to add glamour & validation to the professional, which might not be case.

The IT industry was extremely lucky to have the relevant exposure from day one of global benchmarks & best practices. They were sufficiently exposed to the best environs, while at work abroad& also while earning their international certifications. But delivery didn’t happen. The induction of international best practices, benchmarking & product creation, still remains a pipe dream.

The professional exposure trips are a reality. The bureaucracy had fair share of this exposure. The linkage between such exposure & delivery still remains unestablished. Unfortunately, in large number of cases it’s just a credential creation exercise, making the CV a reader’s delight.


Sanjay Sahay

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