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”Business logic is essentially that part of the computer program that contains the information that defines or constraints how a business operates.” Given the fact that the world has become an interplay of software and algorithms, the business logic of today has crossed the confines of simple computer programs. Same as the way conventional systems thinking has undergone a paradigm shift in this interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary, interconnected world, business logic is awaiting a wider transformation. Business logic has crossed computer programs and has become the underlying professional and technical logic of the world.

Business logic has to graduate to bring in the complete essentials of business in one or an interplay of programs satisfying all the requirements, a lot unseen by the users themselves. See the business logic which has gone in to create a company like Google and the way it is moving at an exponential pace on a well thought business logic. Starting from a PageRank algorithm, a search engine, many being better at it then, the nascent journey started. Slowly everything the customer needed, the business needed, the IT industry needed, the users needed starting coming out from Google’s stable. From Mail to Cloud they are certainly making the world a much more liveable place, in every single way, than what life would have been without Google.

This is not the business of computer programs. Undeniably, this is way beyond it. It understood the universe which it intends to control and then deciphered its business logic. Might be it was not even clear in the very beginning, the route once taken keeps clarifying the business logic too. Once the high level business logic is clear, the program level business logic will also happen and with it the business, professional, technical and operational connect automatically transpires too, in an iterative manner, till it becomes seamless. The fascinating part is that it facilitates in making the business logic of each of the programs more sensible and robust, as the small (particular activity / process) and the big picture gets encapsulated in the product,  as best as it can be.

Take the example of social media. Most or all of the products have been created and perfected on a business model. From that business model emanates the business logic, which gets hard coded into these products. Extracting data is the name of the game and through it gain unassailable power and simultaneously make the world more and more dependent on them, till the point of addiction. Data is the money spinner. They carefully crafted a business machine which could bypass states, nations and laws while providing services for free. The governments have an uncanny knack  of allowing to grow things till the  time it becomes extremely difficult to control.  Have the governments created business logic in themselves to control or outsmart them.


Sanjay Sahay

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