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We are broadly imagine what the world would be like in the age of automation but we can barley fathom out the contours of world in age led by geeks and nerds with absolutely no understanding of the world. They don’t the the laws, history, culture, conventions, democracy, rule of law, equity et al. And they have no respect of all what the civilisation is all about. Privacy has been sacrificed at the their and what all would else become sacrificial goats nobody has any idea. Deepfake is another such creation, merging seamlessly the real and the fake.

Deepfake, emanating out of deep learning and fake, is a human image synthesis technique, ”combining and superimposing existing videos and images onto source images and videos using a Machine Learning technique known as generative adversarial network,” was coined in 2017. Facebook came under fire last month for mishandling doctored video of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as it failed to remove it. Now a deepfake video of Facebook CEO Zuckerberg has surfaced on the Instagram. Sadly, is tit or tat.

The rule of the game framed in the earlier case was that if third party fact checkers mark it as false, only then Facebook would filter it form Instagram’s recommendation surfaces. So, Zuckerberg‘ remains. What corporate governance, privacy, law of the land? Who are these third party fact checkers, who seem super global powers above and beyond all executive and judicial authorities. Or the world has finally been divided between the physically governed and digitally ungoverned.

Speaker of the world’s most powerful democracy is at their mercy. Start ups work on creating deepfake videos of celebrities form Kim Kardashian to Donald Trump.  The most infamous deepfake was when Hollywood actor Gal Gadot’s face was morphed on to a porn actor’s face, for creating fake controversial content.” Is there any recourse or we have surrendered to the monetised Digital Jungle. Artificial Intelligence without ethics and law will be our nemesis.


Sanjay Sahay

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