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Professionalism, profession, out of the box thinking, creativity, innovation are being flaunted as that of a handyman tools, this is the mechanical regularity to which it is used, rarely people know the meaning and even rarer to find people who practice it. Getting a job done or meeting a target however shabbily is celebrated in the social media professional world much more than winning a Noble Prize. We have eulogised accomplishing of simple tasks to unimaginable levels. In this vitiated professional atmosphere, if you have never heard the term professional wisdom, it would not be a surprise and if you were asked to name a few with professional wisdom, you might be at your wits end for life.

Professional wisdom is the art and science of exactitude in the synthesis of theory and practice, based on experiential learning, having the capability to give advise from conception to delivery, nearly failsafe. He is exceptionally relevant in all professional scenarios, form the drawing board to the classroom to the project execution to documentation. In the age of jobs, tasks and work itself being put on the ’managed services mode’, where is the scope of professional wisdom to prosper, in a world dying for it.

Wisdom is the highest form of learning. The learning life cycle starts from data, moving on to information and then to learning. The passage form information to learning is the sine qua non of both our educational and professional worlds. Amongst the rare ones who establish in the learning mode, few exceptional ones reach on to become the fountainheads of professionals knowledge. Rarest of the rare indeed, few lucky ones get to see them and work with them.

Above all the levels if someone ever reaches, it is that of professional wisdom, the Warren Buffet, Peter Drucker types, who don’t go wrong, at individual or at mass levels. Correct every single time. On their own. Loved, relished and cherished. This wisdom can properly direct the energy of the Information Age. The practitioners of this wisdom can become the torchbearers in the age of disruption.


Sanjay Sahay

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