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”Euphemism a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing.” Might be this is one of the social indicators of being civilised. The world has moved even beyond this, to the extent that our social interactions can be termed euphemistically yours. Euphemistically Yours means a state of mind which forces you exaggerate the act, accomplishments, looks, dress and experience to superlative levels. This is not the toning down as what euphemism actually means, but create an aura for the day to day activities, which few years back, nobody would have even bothered to note.

The words which sounded musical bells of accomplishment, one of its kind, something which is a milestone, a watershed in one’s life, a memory to be cherished and treasured has been brought the to depict the ordinary. What a fall for the word and the society? Few examples would make this description very clear. Awesome, our of the world, loveliest, global, brilliant, out of the box, par excellence, mind boggling, stunning, gorgeous and list goes on and on.

This euphemism competition is killing to the extent that everyone’s child is brilliant, the daughter is a princess, whatever might be the result it needs to celebrated, the quality of life being awesome, every person is doing a dream job and most unbelievable example is of everyone living his passion. If this was literally the case it would be a different economy and society we would have been living in. The flip side is that a very few are able to take any stress and strain, to handle cut throat competition, battle it out and turn out be successful.

The filter of social media turned out to be the value add layer on the nefarious disease of consumerism, which had already made our life termite ridden. The competition with a few neighbours, colleagues and relatives has now turned out to be the competition with the world, with social media becoming the 24/7 TV channel of life. Euphemistically Yours is the mindset which is trying to bridge the gap between reality and fancy.


Sanjay Sahay

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