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 India produces 15 lakh engineers to manage $2 trillions economy & US produces 1 lakh engineers to manage $15 trillions economy. “Educated unemployables”  is a term specifically coined for the Indian professionals leaving colleges.  The underemployed of our students passing out of our professional colleges is reaching epic proportions not to speak about the “bench sitters” in the IT companies.  The managements have to be blamed no doubt but somewhere down the line  the skills & competencies of the faculty leaves lots to be desired.

 Strategic human resource planning  is not a domain limited to the business enterprises. In reality,  the academic institutions are in dire need.  Faculty Development Programs can be the main tool in furtherance of this strategy. These programs should have very specific purpose & goals and the programme should be neatly aligned to it.  The evaluation of the faculty members should be inbuilt & each of the lecturers should have a neat game plan laid out for them.  The impact on the students needs to analysed.

The structure of the program needs to have the requirement inputs from  faculty members & experts evaluating it & synthesising it with the current external knowledge and  the requirements of the both the employers & requisite entrepreneurial skills.  The program need not be limited only to classroom lectures, it can have   real skill development, field visits & meeting & discussions with successful entrepreneurs.

With  students  at the center,  their share of views can be no less than that of the faculty & the management.  They pretty well know what is expected out of them when they hit the job market. This input has to be factored in.  The ex-students, with the few years of job experience can also be of immense value in structuring of the FDPs.  At the end of the day FDPs over a period of time should create faculty members who are in tune with the times & consistently maintain them at that level.


    Sanjay Sahay

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