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When things run fine, it is generally presumed that it is running on its own momentum. Whereas, that is the time earnest and tireless efforts actually goes into it. The second misconception is, if systems are put in place, it would take care of the functioning, individuals don’t matter much.  These two premises seems to have been put to rest in the first six months of Trump Presidency.  Whatever might be the powers of most powerful person in the world, it gets negated if right resources don’t occupy the right positions with no clarity of their roles & tenure.

 Riding roughshod is a prerogative of leaders who have the capability to deliver, who can substantiate actions by the visible results.  This is  facilitated by men of caliber in the team working in the larger interest of the organisation & the nation.  These decisions should stand public & judicial scrutiny.  The backdrop too has be both clean and transparent and cannot happen in a vitiated atmosphere, which is of President’s making.

 The White House is besieged & staff beleaguered by daily dose of negative stories making rounds in the international media.  The denials and press briefings do not add into one single narrative. If the facts state a different story, it’s next to impossible that either the media or the public would react kindly to it.  Social media messages negating the reality or use it as spin doctor are bound to boomerang as being witnessed on a day to day basis.  Trump’s honeymoon with Twitter has already outlived its utility.

Starting form firing of  FBI Director, then the communications head twice, realigning of the Chief of Staff  in the White House, the family member’s utterances & the  President’s out of the world defence, the White House seems to in a disarray.  Trump has failed to fill the hundreds of open positions at senior levels, has left White House alone to grapple with the endless challenges.  The efforts at decimation of established institutions starting with the Intelligence Agencies has a sordid saga of its own.


    Sanjay Sahay

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