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Fail better is part of famous quote penned by Samuel Beckett. This was the spirit of the Silicon Valley through its legendary run with entrepreneurship. ”Ever tried, Ever failed. No matter. Try again, Fail again, Fail better.” Though this thought has an umbilical cord relationship with tech, entrepreneurship, lifehacking, or other such digital-age ubiquities yet it has enough of a powerful message for the rest of the world. ”Failure as an essential stage in the individual’s progress toward lucrative self-fulfillment.”

Students’ given their age and nature have a tendency to linger on with failure, learning which ought to happen on a regular basis gets impacted because of this mental baggage. The problem has to be addressed head on and failure through a process should become a natural part of our education ecosystem. When critical thinking is the destination, the quantum of failures are bound to increase.

Fail faster ethos / attitude is a must. It embraces mistakes as a part of education. The child will take on the challenge and will not keep on procrastinating. Fail faster will enable him to get on to improve upon it. The fear is gone. ”How have we failed and what have we learned.?” This is important. ”Effective Failure technique,” should be the norm. Educators should take Failing Faster into the class room. The students gets a chance to explain and defend his failure / mistake, the teacher / educator picks up the threads from there. The road to success is wide and clear.

This takes us to the next level in providing a worthwhile sustainable solution by incorporating failure into the class design. It takes fear out the students. They are not afraid to answer / try it out. The mindset they evolve is less invested in being right, they are more focused on understanding the problem they have to solve. This would be the most welcome beginning of changing the mindset of our educational system.


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