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In finding solutions lies the seeds of improvement, growth, progress and development. Finding solutions by its very logic also means the capability to execute that solution. If you do an audit of things you have done in life, which you treat as milestones, how many of them have ended up in finding solutions and executing them. Have your milestones been scoring high marks, finding a job, personal progression and others related to you, your immediate family and friends. You would have seen / experienced problems small and big in your organization, professional work, in the profession you are in, in the community around, in the tech tools with which you have interacted in life.

When you face a problem or in modern terminology have a problem statement, what do you do? It might be coming in the way of your work, even of others’ works, then what is your response? The general response is that I have nothing to do with it, at the very best treat it as an occupational hazard and move ahead in work and life. The approach is whatever is given and in whichever manner is all that exists and I have nothing to do with lacunae, deficiencies and problems. We are not tuned to recognizing a problem, it is treated as a fact of life and we move ahead with it. How many of the sticky problems have been existing in your organization and for how long? Some would have disappeared with some senior Samaritan’s intervention and others would be living in perpetuity.

Effort is at the core of it. If effort is a resource not to be put into operation, then naturally the presence of mind of recognizing a problem, does not arise. The problem is elevated as a fact, and the mental framework that hits you is that we will have to live by it. Some problems which are straight jacketed and can be solved by capital cost, will certainly keep happening at its own pace or with the visionary leadership of the organization solving it for you. There is rather an interesting fall out of this mindset; is that you keep adding to the problem, to the magnitude of the already existing ones and in creation of new ones without even realising of it. Think of your organization, have the problems been added or been sorted out in the last ten years, in an extremely satisfactory way. If it is a partial yes, what has been the efficiency improvement.

Who will find solutions for us is a billion-dollar question? Expertise is a problem we have battling in a variety of organizations; we tend to ignore. Quality of employment; seasonal, low end, and not at par payment. Our capability to handle protests is questioned day in and day out, leading to repercussions the country can ill afford. There would be problems which might take years and decades, it has added up in that manner, we don’t even have the courage to take it on. Instant gratification and instant solutions are what we want to practice, nothing will come out of it, but for self-praise which we see around the place. If individuals don’t, have organisations mapped their problems? Have they created a solution blueprint and are they working on it? Finding even a workable solution is a humongous task, leave aside audacious ones, professional minds committed by their expertise, acumen and foresight can only bring it even to the blueprint stage. Execution is always a bigger challenge.

Sanjay Sahay

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