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Achieve on success in this country; competitive, academic, political, financial, professional or anything that can be declared as success and you have arrived good. Given the prevalent culture in this country and the grooming which all of us are a part of, the person concerned also feels the same way. You and all the people around get bragging rights for all times to come. As they say if you are passionate about something the whole world conspires to make it happen. Here the story takes a tangent, in India, the world, more so people around would prove it to you that you have achieved the ultimate, and its high time you live on it’s laurels.

Life is an ongoing journey towards perfection and excellence and contribute to the improvement of mankind, where you are positioned and in whichever manner. Sergey Bubka to Noam Chomsky have defined life and the world in a different manner. Sergey broke the world record for men’s pole vault 35 times and Noam Chomsky, the best public intellectual known to the world today, made an intellectual wonder machine of himself after establishing himself as a linguist. Might of intellect and consistent delivery has always overawed the world, may it be business, academics or single individuals. While we have single success forced wizards and wonders all over the place, where do we have consistent achievers for a cause like APJ Abdul Kalam.

Only consistent achievers can transform the world around us. If fixated by one success had caught on to our world view, mankind would not have been even half as rich today, in any field you can imagine of. In India having achieved one success, it’s time to rest and cash on it, preferably for the rest of your life. Actually, first success is not a milestone to keep achieving bigger and bigger milestones for the rest of your life. It is the one final destination. The success story has to be blown out of size and blown out of proportion, till the time it looks like a lifetime achievement award, or like parking your own portrait, on any world-renowned wall of fame in any high-tech area. What can the reason of writing All India rank on you CV few decades after you did so. There should have any number of bigger things which should have overshadowed it long time back, given the fact that you started at such a glorious note.

World is both dynamic and rigorous and this mindset has brought this far and cannot take us any further. While you would be busy creating your multimedia displays of that one achievement to adorn the social media of the day, somebody, some nation and some company would he stealing the thunder from right under your floor. You have to become the arsenal of success, the Silicon Valley; all are sure that the area will keep meeting successes endlessly. The failure of research has to be researched upon by most of the famed doctorates in the country, for whom, research has been a one stop shop, as a competitive exam providing a clerical job at the end of it. Entry into Indian civil services, is a one-time achievement to be awarded, chronicled and celebrated for life. It is certificate of permanent brilliance. Imagine if there were to be an exam every ten years? Social media has brought down even one time achievement to further baser levels, creating an achievement out of blue and then bask in it. Viral is a bad word, is it sick too?

Sanjay Sahay

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