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If superficiality is the order of the day, the only narrative which emerges is a flimsy one. Only thoroughness can propel an imagination into the future or get into the nitty gritty of the present. Flimsy narratives have become the order of the day at most levels, but biggest damage is done when the country is stuck up with flimsy narratives. As most people do not see beyond the present or have an axe to grind or a hidden agenda, it serves the day to day purpose. People operating in their well established comfort level are also fine with flimsy narratives operating. To an extent we have failed to differentiate between a flimsy, genuine and a long term worthwhile narrative.

Earlier the flimsy narratives though existent, had a limited circulation. The world has completely changed. This is the world of medias ; print, electronic, social, alt and of different genres – progagands, fake, post truth, the nature of extrapolation that happens is unimaginable, it will subsume you. They create a social media bubble or a media echo chamber. It is very difficult to escape and more difficult is to a create another narrative; a genuine one. With all tv channels beaming same talk shows with different faces, for the naive, which we all are, it becomes “The Narrative.” This is the transformation of the flimsy narratives.

Concern is the key to genuine and worthwhile narrative. Contrary to the flimsy ones, these are well thought out ones, that can be translated into blueprints and can deliver positive change, if it is taken through the process. It is a long drawn process based on consistent thinking and energy & effort to make it happen. If the narrative is in place lots of people would jump on to the bandwagon to take the story further.Because of a flimsy narrative, the software industry till today has not been able to catch up with product creation.

A flimsy narratives or no narrative on professional education has brought the quality of vast number of engineers as it stands today. Innovation the key driver is out of reckoning. Flimsy narratives have the capability to camouflage, evade, compromise & manipulate the real narratives of the day. Border wall of the US is a case in point. By the time the real narrative is discovered, the damage is already done and valuable time lost.


Sanjay Sahay

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