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Superficiality means lack of thoroughness, depth of character or serious thought. If we see the world around us we would feel lots of us afflicted by this disease. At a personal level too if one evaluates one’s judgement case by case one would be guilty of superficiality in majority of the cases. The whole social media is based on superficiality of information, interactions and thought processes. This nature of ours has come out in the open, might be it was always there. The impact is such that we always live with the opposite feeling.

The “principle of superficiality vs depth” has pervaded western culture since the time of Plato. In a common parlance it would mean treating serious topics in light-hearted fashion or at times even knowing the dangers we behave in a cavalier fashion. Large number of people make friends also in a similar manner on the social media, reckless at times and the consequences are in the form of criminal offences. It’s leads to large number of financial frauds as well. It smacks of casual attitude, which is also a manifestation of superficiality.

The incapability both by way of will and hard work to get into the thoroughness of subjects and topics is producing the types of products out of the educational system, unfit to be employed. PPTs have taken over text books, researched papers and the like. The rigors of language is given a go by. The pathetic state of language is there all around from social media to proposals to reports and even to technical documentation. The quality of these depend on the depth of your knowledge. On the top is added serious thought and that is how a quality product is created and quality professional is made.

The same applies for the depth of character. If the basic values and thought processes of student life and then professional life is alien to you, you fail in this test and in life. The extrapolation of this in personal and family life makes you a great human being. Depth of character means the consistency of character, remaining rock solid and deliver over and over again, as a man of character. Man of character will always be the final winner of life.


Sanjay Sahay

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