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Writing by choice and writing per force are two different frames of mind and two different worlds too, but the end result is the same. The former enjoys while he writes and that is what creativity is all about, and he enthralls the readers. This is not limited to literature or poems, something directly connected to the language, but very neatly connects to large number of professional people, ranging from academicians to researchers to journalists. It can range from a placid report to an article to writing a doctoral thesis, in large number of areas, for sure in liberal arts. Given the vast amount of writing which happens on a regular for meeting some or the other requirement, one gets inclined to believe, that the concerned professionals are forced to write.

They also have to prove that it is original, while it is not an original thought most of times, to committees who scrutinize and validate the claims. How many of us can original? What a pity the literature survey also goes under the scanner with a plagiarism software. We have the knack even to discern, a trait, which every professional is supposed to have. Don’t they possess a writing style, which is distinctly theirs, it as good as signature or even better. The grammar is checked through Grammarly and that is openly declared. The grammar classes in the school finally did not get ingrained in the writing of the individual. So, between Grammarly and Plagiarism is the writing of the ones who are forced to write, and there are many.

As anybody to write anything professionally worthwhile and you see the response, the immediate one is of evasion. When we read PPTs and concise summaries and all such post-tertiary reading material, where will the writing come from. For this reason, standard material is provided to most of the professionals in most of the areas, so that they don’t become a handicap in whatever operations they are in. A large number of times, they are not even able to push the standard material dished out to them, because of lack of involvement or their thought not going into it. It seems forced writing can in some ways be termed as marketing, in a world where it is difficult to hard sell even the original.

The battle for mediocrity is a war that is bound to finish us, and writing is a perfect example. You see the number of articles on a CV, two things should be tired on it for validation, first is the number of persons who have read and found some utility in it and second is ask the person to write an article on any connected topics impromptu. The quality would reveal everything. How many of us have written without compulsion? How times have you have yourself referred to an article written perforce, which was done just to add academic credentials. Everyone knows the purpose of those writings and everyone turns a blind eye. Writing is original narrative, in whatever field you are in. That is your imprint. Blockchain was just an article in 2009. Writings have changed human history, today we are out to change the future of writing itself. What a pity!

Sanjay Sahay

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