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Forward linkages means connects which our expertise, projects & organisations are likely to provide to make our endeavour more complete. It then impacts beyond our limited sphere of work & also creates a business & social relevance out of it. It fits into the modern ecosystem, not superficially seen. It can also be treated as the modern avatar of Systems Thinking. It’s a churning for wider relevance in an inter-organisational world.

The backward linkages we are all aware of. How the ancillary companies feed in different parts to the famed Toyota assembly line. A Toyota Way business case study puts it on the research pedestal. And using this model lots of manufacturing companies remodel their assembly lines. Even the study can suggest where it likely to be best used and in which manner. The forward linkages thus, is the creation of customised assembly lines on this framework. Great impact!

An institution like Indian Institute of Science can create forward linkages for both its research methodology & expertise & commercialization of its research products. Lesser academic institutions with support get a research face and an excellent ecosystem gets created. The research products, generally prototypes with forward linkage commercial organizations will connect to the customers. This becomes a great academic / research / commercial model.

The expertise of implementing a Police IT Project with ERP, Intranet & Data Center with Private Cloud can have innumerable forward linkages. It can transform various departments to the ERP mode. It can elevate us form transactional digitalization to a more comprehensive one. Extrapolating the network topology elsewhere, where similar networks are needed would be useful. The security knowledge domain permeates into Cyber Security both becoming one synthesised Security Model. Forward linkage has immense possibilities. Mindset issues?


Sanjay Sahay

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